RUSH: Reaction To Trump Jr. Email Story Proves Media And Democrats Don’t Have Anything At All!

RUSH: I’m watching the reaction to this Donald Trump Jr. story. You know what? Actually, if you can just back off and ignore what is being said and look at how it’s being said.

And I’m talking about the media like with CNN all day yesterday with a banner on the bottom of the screen saying: “Email referenced high-level information from Russian government against Hillary” or some such thing. It never happened. There wasn’t any. There was no information of any kind like that delivered to Donald Trump Jr. None. What they’re trying to say is: “Well, he was willing to take a meeting on that basis, Rush. That’s treason. That means he was willing to collude with the Russians.”

It doesn’t mean anything of the sort. But here’s my point. The over-the-top reaction to this tells me, in my world of common sense, they don’t have anything else, folks. These last nine months have given them nothing. They’ve fired blanks. They don’t have anything other than a never-ending stream of allegations. The desire, the energy that they’re putting on this story tells me they don’t have anything at all.


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