RUSH: Ranger Remsburg Was At SOTU To Send Message ‘Look What Bush Did’

RUSH: Just to summarize, our previous caller, Jesse, basically was saying that Obama had Ranger Remsburg sitting next to Moochelle last night, he was a hero for overcoming something terrible that happened to him. Not for being a military hero, but for enduring, for overcoming something in parentheses, something America made him do, end parentheses.  That was Jesse’s point.

I’ll tell you what it was.  I think Ranger Remsburg was there to send a message.  The message was, “Look what my predecessor did to this country.  Look what George Bush is responsible for.  Look at all the horror that I have to clean up.  And look at the struggle that we’re all in, still trying to fix the mess.” 

If you want to have a military hero sitting next to Moochelle, there’s a really popular movie now that’s been made from a really popular book called Lone Survivor, and it’s also about a SEAL team in Afghanistan.  This is an Army Ranger, Remsburg.  Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor of his unit.  A fascinating story.  They’re on a mission in Afghanistan and they are spotted by, of all things, goat herders.  And they said, “Okay, what do we do, take these guys prisoners or do we let ’em go?” 

They knew if they let ’em go that the goat herders would tell the Taliban, and they let ’em go.  The goat herders told the Taliban, and the Taliban came and wiped out every SEAL in the unit except for Marcus Luttrell.  He survived.  That’s a heroic story.  Military heroism.  Marcus Luttrell wasn’t injured to the extent that Ranger Remsburg was.  So Jesse may have had a point.  I do think there’s a subtle message here.  Look what this country was before I became president.

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