Rush Raised Awareness About The Dangers Of Soccer With ‘Keep Our Own Kids Safe’ PSAs

RUSH: We immediately began a campaign here to alert people of the danger because we are interested in that. As a public service, we started Keep Our Own Kids Safe campaign, and I was the spokesman. We did PSAs and so people began calling about it, thinking that I didn’t know what I was talking about or I was teasing. They thought I was doing satire, putting them on, and they refused to believe it. It was that skepticism that convinced me it’s even more dangerous than we thought, this game of soccer.

So we put together, over the course of the years, a number of PSAs that to this day we still run during commercial breaks. People who are on hold or who are listening to this program online will occasionally hear this campaign. We have not given it up. We just don’t do it on the air much. But that’s why I want to just play one as an example to show you how on the cutting edge this program is.

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RUSH: Surprise Surprise! Obama Is The Expert In Football Safety


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