RUSH: Raiders In Vegas With STRIP CLUBS And GAMBLING Will Do Wonders For NFL Ratings

RUSH: It’s also gonna be interesting to see starting in 2019, 2020 when the Raiders move to Las Vegas, to see if NFL players on the Vegas team could go bankrupt faster than the usual NFL players in other markets. There will be a number of different, shall we say, metrics that we can use to gauge whether or not the move — imagine the visiting teams going into Las Vegas. Take your average — (interruption) Take who? What team has the most arrested players on it? Take them to Vegas the Saturday night before the game.

No, it might be Cincinnati. I think it’s always gonna be Cincinnati. Maybe not lately, but league average Cincinnati has the most arrested players, most players serving jail time in the off-season. Anyway, take your pick. I mean, you want to say the Giants, I don’t know, but take your average NFL team to Vegas as the road team, road teams always go in on the night, the day before the game, but teams on the East Coast when traveling to the western time zones sometimes leave on Friday to adjust to it. And the players are obviously going to be lobbying for this. So you have maybe two nights if you’re the Patriots, but Belichick will have them under lock and chain, but the Jets, the fish — ah, the fish have South Beach. I mean, they’re used this, the Dolphins.

So you put your average team in a road game, Friday night, Saturday night, a game on Sunday, they’re overnight, two nights in Las Vegas. These are young guys that have more money than they’ve ever dreamed of having in their lives. Coaches and management, “I can’t tell my players what to think or what to do.” That’s the reaction to Kaepernick. I mean it’s the Millennial generation. You don’t tell ’em what to do now. It’s not like football coaches in the old days ran boot camps, or do that anymore.

But the NFL, there was a time the NFL, “No way. We’re not even gonna let you fly over Los Vegas on your way to Oakland or Seattle,” such is the stench of gambling there. Now they’re gonna have a team located in the legal gambling capital of the United States, the legal strip club capital of the United States. This may do wonders for NFL ratings, the stuff that happens off the field. The stuff that makes the news before the game’s even played. Well, then add to the drama of what happens on the field after all this off-field stuff, which is gonna happen. It’s guaranteed.


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