RUSH: Pulled Washington Gun Bill Example Of How Liberals “Gin Up Support” For Their Statist Agenda

RUSH: You ever noticed that Democrats make “mistakes” like this in their legislation all the time and they hope nobody will notice until it’s too late? But if somebody does notice they just laugh it off and say, “Oh, we’ll slip that in later, you know, we didn’t really expect this thing to become law. This is just a guiding light. It’s just a statement of conscience.” But the idea is to get the public used to it. The idea is to get the idea in the public domain so that it is discussed, so that the idea is considered, so that they can then gin up support for it. They can then go poll it and report on the poll results and show that an ever-increasing number of people actually favor it. This is the projected path of something like this. An increasing number of people actually favor, for the children’s safety, to allow the authorities to come and make sure guns are stored properly.

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