RUSH: Puff Piece On Jay Carney And Family Is Just ‘PRICELESS’

RUSH: It’s just blatantly hypocritical, and it illustrates the absolute hypocrisy and phoniness, by the way, and the damaging aspects of the way liberals and Democrats are trying to construct interpersonal family relationships.  I mean, remember that TV ad that the Regime ran on Julia, the single woman, who could not wake up without a government program, who didn’t get through the day without a government program. Who had a baby without one reference to any man, and it was perfect.  And she had her garden.  And she had her subway token, and she had her health care.  And everything in her life came from a government program.  And she was joyously happy living alone in a small, little one bedroom apartment with a five-square-foot garden outside that she got to tend. 

And the Regime put that out as, “This is what it is for women today.”  But you won’t find Claire Shipman doing that.  And I dare say, you won’t find Andrea Mitchell in that picture and you won’t find any other female American journalist in Washington in that picture. You won’t see any of them as Julia.  So while they are living in ways that they say is not possible, they are living in ways with the husband making more than the wife, with the wife choosing to stay home to be with her own kids and not using day care and being praised for it, not condemned, yeah, it’s just priceless what this is.

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