RUSH: Primary Purpose Of The Carbon Tax Is To Prevent The Accumulation Of Wealth

RUSH: Let me put it another way.  Rather than say the carbon tax primary purpose is to spread poverty, the primary purpose of the carbon tax is to prevent the accumulation of wealth.  The income tax is a direct obstacle in the way of accumulating wealth.  The carbon tax will be, as are other taxes, and that’s what the objective here is, to prevent the accumulation wealth.

Now, I can imagine some of you, “Rush, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?  Why would our leaders who are looking out for us, why would our leaders who want the best for us –” That’s where you’re wrong. “Why would our leaders want to prevent us from accumulating wealth?  Wouldn’t that mean the economy’s doing well?”  I’ll tell you why.  It’s real simple.  You just have to have the courage to understand and admit this.  The reason they want to retard the accumulation of wealth is so you will forever be more and more dependent on Washington, government, whatever, for the necessities in life.  They own you then.

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