RUSH: Powerful Liberal Men Are Allowed To Violate The Tenets Of Feminism

RUSH: There are powerful liberal men who are allowed to violate the tenets of feminism every day of their lives, if they happen to be right on abortion. You don’t know what a big get-out-of-jail card that is, being pro-choice, proudly, loudly pro-choice can buy you all kinds of excuses and exemptions from Hollywood women, from liberal women and other people who are dyed-in-the-wool, full-fledged, no doubt about it, no joking about it liberals.

And therein lies all of the hypocrisy that is never held to account. Their hypocrisy never sticks to them, and they are very seldom even attempted to be held accountable, which gives rise to the question, “Okay, why now with Harvey Weinstein?” Well, there has to be a reason. There are a number of theories that are being bandied about. And I’ll guarantee you the reason why is gonna be found in liberalism somewhere. It may not be the fundamental reason, but there will be an element of liberalism in the reason that all of a sudden everything Harvey got a pass on is now fallen on his head.

Now, you may say, “Rush, he didn’t get a pass. He had to pay settlements.” He got a pass. He was allowed to continue. “Rush, he was hated!” Doesn’t matter to me. He still did his job and still had that power and still intimidated and still scared people. He was able to continue doing what he did the way he wanted to do it. And look what he’s doing? He’s raising money for the Obamas, raising money for the Clintons, going to the fundraisers, bundling everything. Those are the get out of jail cards.

He may not really care one way or the other about it. He just sizing up with whom am I the most powerful, with whom am I gonna have the greater freedom? And it’s always gonna be the left, if you’re in Hollywood, when you ask and answer that question. I’m only getting into this because I’ve wondered for the longest time, like everybody else has, how in the world do these guys get away with it? Why are they never held to account? And there are reasons for it.

Look what they’re allowed to get away with doing! Their behavior, look at what is ignored, look the other way, and defended, if it ever comes under assault from the political right. With Bill Clinton it didn’t affect his job! It’s only sex! It’s none of your business! And then look what a similar person who happens to be conservative found out to be behaving in similar ways is destroyed, not just career, but life is destroyed by women and men who want to curry favor with women, which is what Hollywood is.



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