RUSH: ‘Pot-Bellied Little Dictator’ Kim Jong-Un Is One Of The GOOFIEST Looking Tyrants You’ve Ever Seen

RUSH: Apparently the world was shocked when this potbellied little dictator over there, Kim Jong-un — this is the strangest little country. The military in that country literally think of the leader as a deity. They start crying when they see the guy.

Now, maybe they’re crying because they know they’re gonna be sent to their death, I don’t know. But they start crying when they see the guy. Have you seen that haircut? We’re not supposed to comment on people’s appearance, but come on, who knowingly styles their hair that way? It’s not like this guy has to wear a helmet and worried about helmet hair. One of the goofiest looking tyrants that you’ve ever seen. The guy doesn’t look scary, he looks — well, whatever. That’s as far as I’ll go. Probably in the era of political correctness I’ve gone farther than I should have.


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