RUSH: Pollsters Didn’t Miss Anything… Polling Data Has Been WEAPONIZED!

RUSH: I want to address something.  I’ve been asked this two or three times, even though I addressed it yesterday.  I made mention of something I think is true yesterday.  Pollsters are out asking themselves, “How in the world could we have missed this?”  And I don’t think they did.  I think they didn’t miss it; they just didn’t tell us what they were actually finding.  They couldn’t.  It was so opposite what they wanted.  And polling data has been weaponized.  It’s used to make opinion, it’s used to shape opinion public, not reflect it.

I’m convinced if you look at the polling data that you can find oversample of Democrats.  You can find that they knew what was going on.  They just wanted to be able to report things that did not reflect what was go on.  They didn’t miss anything.  The Drive-Bys are all claiming now that, “We don’t know about these people in the Midwest.”  BS.  They know all this.  It’s just what they think of those people.  They don’t respect them. They don’t give them the time of day. They think they’re not full humans because they don’t have the right educational pedigree or what have you, but they know who they are.

I mean, after all, the Democrat Party portrays itself all these years as the party of the little guy.  We know that they know who they are.  They know who the economically disadvantaged are.  This effort to make it look like they missed something.  They didn’t miss anything.  They either didn’t tell us what they knew or they disregarded what they knew as irrelevant.  But about Obama’s approval rating — and I did address this yesterday — people asked me, “Rush, doesn’t it mean his approval rating of 53 or 55%’s also a lie?”  Maybe, but not necessarily.


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