RUSH: Pepsi Is DESPISED Because Of Kendall Jenner Giving Cop A Pepsi During Anti-Trump Protest In Ad

RUSH: Kendall Jenner? (interruption) That sounds like it might be. Doesn’t matter. There is a public protest featured in this ad, looks like an anti-Trump protest, looks like an anti-whatever protest in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s a large group of people, and this Kardashian-Jenner babe walks up and gives a can of Pepsi to a policeman, and this big group of multiracial Millennial protesters cheer.


RUSH: Now, about this Pepsi ad, what this really is — or what really has the left agitated here is — that these protests are serious things. They’re really serious, and they’re engaged in by really committed people against genuine fascist, authoritarian pigs like Trump. And to have Pepsi go in there and claim that giving a cop a Pepsi will make the protesters stop protesting is offensive. It’s absurd! And now Pepsi is hated. Pepsi is despised. Twitter last night blew up against Pepsi for, quote, “appropriating anti-Trump resistance to sell soda.”

So they went in there and made the protesters look like they were anti-Trump people and that they could be bought off and silenced with a cop accepting a gift of Pepsi in the midst of the protest. Now, as an adjunct to this, you know, I study advertising to a certain extent, because I think it gives us a clue as to our culture. Advertisers’ main objective is to separate people from their money, and so advertising has to be culturally relevant. It has to be hip, at least to the audience targeted.

So if you’re running ads at Millennials — if you’re aiming your advertising campaign at whatever demographic, whatever age-group — you have to be very confident you know who that age-group is and what they consider important, unimportant and all that. And that’s why people think, “Well, whoever ran this campaign totally botched this because to say that a soft drink…” In a can! These people hate cans, by the way. The protesters hate cans ’cause they pollute. They destroy the planet, don’t you see. It’s aluminum.

It’s just as destructive as hell. And then to add insult to injury, you give a cop (who’s the focus of evil on the left) a Pepsi, and that makes everybody stand down? The left feels cheapened. They think that Pepsi is attempting to appropriate their anti-Trump movement. So as an adjunct, I have been noticing the commercial that Coke is running lately. The reason I’ve been focused on this or interested in it is that there is an all-out assault on sugar in our country today for the health reasons and the sugar lobby.


WATCH: Kendall Jenner for PEPSI Commercial

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