RUSH: People Have To Leave Their Jobs In Order To Qualify For ObamaCare

RUSH:  Now, this modern incarnation of work being a very punishing entrapment orchestrated by mean white power brokers, members of the majority, i.e., Republicans, I think the modern incarnation of this attack is really all about Obamacare, because Obamacare must survive.  No matter what else, Obamacare must survive because that’s Obama surviving, that’s liberalism surviving.  Obamacare surviving is the transformation of the United States. 

Obamacare is under assault, justifiably.  It isn’t working.  It is an absolute disaster.  Obamacare is a number of false promises that were made for three years running.  It does not have the popular support of the people of this country.  It’s an absolute disaster.  Yet it must survive, it must survive.  Whether something is good or bad for the American people doesn’t matter.  It’s whether or not it’s good or bad for the Democrat Party and for the left.  And one of the things that happened, people were unable to qualify for subsidies for Obamacare because of the formula.  Because of the various levels of income they were earning, many people were earning too much money to get a subsidy for Obamacare, which means they were losing it.  They couldn’t afford it otherwise.  Nobody can, really.

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