RUSH: Pelosi Worried Chris Christie Could Screw Up Traffic Patterns For The Super Bowl On Purpose

RUSH: Nancy Pelosi.  Something called the Independent Journal Review.  It’s some obscure website out there, but it’s probably accurate.  Nancy Pelosi was asked last week about Governor Christie and the bridge scandal.  And you know what she said?  She is worried because of what Christie’s aides did, closing three lanes of an on-ramp to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey, she’s now worried that Chris Christie could screw up traffic patterns for the Super Bowl on purpose.  She actually is concerned that Christie, in a pique of bullyish anger and a desire to get even with people who are trying to harm him, actually screw up traffic patterns at the Super Bowl. 

Now, she goes on television in her district and says this kind of stuff.  And I guarantee you the lamebrains that vote for this woman that are in her district, hear her say this, and they nod their heads.  And, meanwhile, I remind you about the Washington Post story. They can’t find any Republicans, other than Rove and Rudy and Reince Priebus willing to defend Christie.  The Democrats think he might try to get even by screwing up the traffic.

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