RUSH: Part Of Getting The Next Democrat Nominee Has To Include Getting Rid Of The Clintons

RUSH: So this Brazile book, everybody’s asking, “Why’s she doing this?” “Well, she’s trying to cover her own rear end. The Democrat National Committee was a big mess, and she’s trying to make sure she doesn’t get tainted by it.” That’s not what’s going on. That’s what we’re supposed to think. What we’re supposed to think, that it’s all about getting rid of Hillary ’cause she won’t go away herself. There may be a grain of truth to that, but what I think is something far, far different.

I think part of getting the next Democrat nominee has to include getting rid of the Clintons. Not just Bill, but Hillary. They both have got to be relegated to the ash heap. The Democrats, I’m telling you right now, are thinking that if the Clintons still control this machine when we get into the 2020 presidential election cycle, they’re gonna lose it again. Hillary is every bit as hated as Donald Trump. They just don’t tell you this. She’s every bit as divisive. She’s every bit as partisan.

Hillary Clinton is every bit as polarizing as Donald Trump. But not with the media, so you don’t see that reflected. But Hillary Clinton is despised by more and more Democrats who are worried that the Clintons have a tight hold on this party, and until they’re forced to let go of it, they’re trapped. What I think Brazile is doing — some might say that it’s genius, I will withhold judgment — but I think Donna Brazile is trying to clear the decks for Michelle Obama to be the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee.



RUSH: Donna Brazile Is Clearing The Decks To Run The Michelle Obama Campaign For President

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