RUSH: Our Immigration System Isn’t ‘Broken’

RUSH: Our last caller from Queens really had a good point, and that is, we don’t have to apologize for our immigration system. Our immigration system isn’t “broken,” by the way. It isn’t broken. Do you know the United States has probably the most generous legal immigration laws in the world? Every year we, in the United States, admit more legal immigrants than all other countries in the world combined, by a wide margin. Legal. Europe has lost control.

There may be a flood of illegals into France and the UK, but I’m talking legal. We do not have a system designed to keep people out in that sense. We’re not isolationists. We’ve got nothing to apologize for, in that sense, to the Hispanic community or anybody else. This notion that we have to apologize? I’ll tell you. The root of that is that what we have to apologize for is taking California and New Mexico and Arizona. That’s what that’s all about, just like we have to apologize with never ending affirmative action for slavery.

But we have nothing to apologize for right now.

We don’t have a “broken” immigration system, either.

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