RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I am feeling wonderful and great, but I will never stop being ticked off at the left — and I don’t think anybody should stop being wary, suspicious, and constantly vigilant of these people.

How many times…? Let’s look back at the last time when there was a major, major Republican victory.  It was the House of Representatives sweep the 1994 midterm elections, the first time we’d won the House in 40 years.  And in about two years that victory’d been squandered in the sense of producing victories.  I mean, we maintained control of the House but producing victories, balancing budgets, whatever was on the Contract with America agenda.  And I developed a theory.  I think that a mistake was made back in 1994.

The Republicans who won — Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America — I think they misread what their victory meant.  I think they mistakenly concluded that their victory meant the country had gone conservative and, as such, they stopped explaining what they were doing and why.  Essentially, they stopped teaching, and it was easy for the left to lie about who they were and what they were doing — and it wasn’t long before the Republicans were starving kids in the school lunch program.

Shortly after winning the House in 1994, by 1995 in that budget we were starving kids.  And the left was having kids write letters to members of the Republican House saying, “You’re starving me! I can’t learn when I’m hungry.”  There weren’t any budget cuts in the school lunch program.  We stopped teaching.  Folks, we have a… This victory is the greatest opportunity of my life.  The Democrat Party is the weakest it has been, and they know it.  They know full well what has happened to them since Barack Obama became president in terms of how their party has just been shellacked.

And I’m telling you, that makes me happy.  You don’t know how ecstatic I am.  They have lost all of these seats; they’re lost their power. Six million fewer Democrats showed up to vote for Hillary than voted for Obama in 2012.  We have the opportunity of a lifetime to put the brakes on the forces of the left that want to transform this country and destroy its health care system, destroy the education system, to chip away at individual liberty and freedom of every citizen by growing government.  We’ve got a chance to close the borders!


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