RUSH: Opera Singer Suffers Chronic Farting After Botched Surgery

RUSH: There’s an opera singer out there named Amy Herbst, and she “is suing after surgery that took place while she was giving birth left her with chronic flatulence. Ms Herbst, who previously performed with the Nashville Opera Company, says she is now unable to work as a professional singer. The complication arose after she was given an episiotomy during childbirth.”

You people know what episiotomy is.  Rio Linda, you may not.  What happens is, let’s see, it’s a procedure, a complication arose after the tissue — (interruption) Well, yeah, I guess you could say it’s between the two openings is what happened, and it’s cut to help with the delivery of the baby.  The tear was repaired but when the opera singer returned to the hospital for a follow-up visit she complained that she could feel gas.  Well, she could feel gastrointestinal gas coming out of the other opening.  And she was experiencing difficulty controlling bowel movements.  So essentially she is unable to sing without flatulence.  Every time she sings, she expels gas out there.  Well, I don’t know if it’s a baritone, extra baritone voice, I don’t know what frequency it is.  There’s no news on that. 

“A nurse found that the tear had not healed properly leaving the mezzo-soprano with a ‘complete breakdown of the episiotomy and perineum,'” and the external sphincter is disrupted and the vagina and the rectum — this is a mess.  Basically it’s a mess out there, and what happens is that she farts when she sings.  We’re not talking about makeup.  This would be horrible.  Can you imagine singing La Traviata?  Can you imagine singing La Boheme, Puccini, and (making fart sound).  I don’t care whether there’s a mic.  It’s still disruptive.  She knows that it’s happening.  If she’s singing a duet, the other person knows. 

“She has now filed a lawsuit, which states: ‘As a result of her incontinence and excessive flatulence, Herbst has been unable to work as a professional opera singer.'”  That would be horrible.

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