RUSH: Only Way Obama Is Going To Grant Amnesty Is If GOP Gets Blamed For It

RUSH: Now, you can talk a good game about “giving” everybody health care. You can marshal some support.  Let’s also remember that while all this was going on, the Democrats are pushing Dodd-Frank through.  That’s just as big, and that’s just as complex, and just as big a power grab in the financial industry as Obamacare is in the health industry.  Don’t think they were too busy. 

They weren’t too busy. 

This is what they had dreamed of! 

Obama had total control of the House and the Senate, and he used that for Obamacare.  Now the Republicans own the House and maybe they’re gonna win the Senate, and that’s when Obama… I don’t think he’s ever gonna grant amnesty. The only way he’s gonna grant blank amnesty to five or six million, or all 11 or 12 million or whatever, is if the Republicans get the blame for it. 

Since the Republicans are seen as the only ones who are political, he may not have that much trouble engineering that.  And, of course, there are plenty of RINO Republicans ready to drink the Kool-Aid and do it, because they’ve bought this nonsense that the only way they’re ever gonna win the White House again is with the Hispanic vote, and the only way to get the Hispanic vote is to do amnesty. 

It is a death sentence, and Obama knows it.

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RUSH: Why Didn’t Obama Grant Amnesty When He Controlled Congress?

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