RUSH: Only Thing They Haven’t Yet Done Is Link PA. School Stabbing Suspect To Tea Party

RUSH: The stabbing in a suburban school outside Pittsburgh yesterday.  I have the story here from the New York Post: “A bullied 16-year-old boy went on a stabbing and slashing spree at his high school in an affluent Pittsburgh suburb Wednesday morning, leaving 21 teens and a security guard stabbed.  At least five students were critically injured, including a boy who was on a ventilator after a knife pierced his liver, missing his heart and aorta by just millimeters, his doctor said. …

“Bullying was rampant in the school, according to previous postings by parents and students in online reviews. ‘It is definitely a rich, white school culture,’ one parent posted last year on ‘The only way to fit in is that you live in a huge house and make over $250,000,’ posted a student.  ‘Don’t let your kids deal with the rich kids they [sic] will harass them til they can’t take it no more.’

So there you go.  It was rich white kids attending this school, and one of them got bullied by the rich white kids and struck out.  Now, folks, of all the things to say about this story, the only thing they haven’t yet done is link this kid to the Tea Party somehow.  Nor have they yet linked the kids who are bullying this kid to the Tea Party.  But they’re still trying, I guarantee you, and they think they’re on the way since they’re categorizing the school as a rich, white bully school.

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