RUSH: Only People Talking About Impeachment Is The Media And Obama

RUSH:  But I want to prepare you for something.  I want to prepare you for something.  I just… The only people that are talking about impeachment, as though it’s going to happen, are the media and Obama.  I’m gonna try to prepare you for the fact you’re gonna be pulling your hair out.  You called here, “Rush, we can’t do it! We can’t do it, ’cause they’ll just galvanize Obama’s support! We can’t do it.”

I agree with you. 

The Democrats know that, too. So they’re just gonna lie.

The media is just gonna lie.

They’re gonna report every day that the Republicans want to impeach Obama.  You’re not gonna hear one Republican say they want to impeach Obama. Not one Republican is gonna say it.  Yet the media every day is gonna have stories about how the Republicans want to do it, “even though they don’t say it.”  So you just better get ready, because exactly what you don’t want to happen, the media is gonna try to convince low-information Nimrods it is happening.

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RUSH: I’m Not ‘Banging The Bells’ For Impeachment

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