RUSH: One Way To Reduce Dry Cleaning Expenses For Women Is To Stay Away From Bill Clinton

RUSH:  Do you know that at the White House yesterday the president actually said — in his never-ending quest to revive old, tired, worn-out, yet polarizing political issues — brouht up this equal pay business? Do you realize he even had the temerity to say that women’s dry cleaning bills are more expensive than men’s?  How old is that one?  I have the solution to that. 

New vacuum cleaners and new irons and new washing machines for every woman, and that way they don’t have to go to the dry cleaners. (interruption) Well, that’s what they would say I would do if I were president.  A new ironing board in every home! I’ll tell you something that really happened.  When I used to tell the story, people thought I was making a joke, but it’s true.


RUSH: When I tell that story, people think I’m making a joke; I wasn’t. It actually happened.  I just can’t remember the name of the club.  One way to reduce dry cleaning expenses for women is to stay away from Bill Clinton.  You’ll remove a lot of stains from your clothing that way without necessitating the need for any dry cleaning. 

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