RUSH: Once Gov’t Totally Controls Health Care Is When Death Panels Come Into Forefront Existence

RUSH: In a number of years, maybe a decade, a little longer, if nothing changes here, there isn’t gonna be a private sector health insurance market except for the very few who are very wealthy. They will always be able to buy what they want. But you won’t. There won’t even be health insurance, really. The government will act as the payee. The single payer. You will have your Medicare card and whenever you get sick, here’s what’s gonna change. For the first time in your life, you’re not gonna be treated, depending on various factors: your age, your overall health, how you voted, who knows how they’ll do it.

Right now the assumption is, ’cause the Democrats care, is that everybody gets health care. Once the government totally controls it is when the death panels come into forefront existence, and that is where your mother at age 95 will be turned down for a pacemaker because it’s cost prohibitive to spend that kind of money on somebody that’s gonna only live a year or two, statistically. So, here, give her a pain pill and tell her to chill out. Obama’s already said that’s what they’re gonna end up doing. He said that on prime time TV on ABC back in 2010.

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