Rush On Zimmerman Trial: “In A Sane World, The Prosecution Doesn’t Have A Case”

RUSH: You’ve got a local sheriff alluding to rallies that people are interpreting as riots. You’ve got the media asking the sheriff about possible riots. So you’ve got agitating for riots. You have an all-white female jury. The case, as it is… Now, nobody can predict a jury, but if you just watch this case, it is abundantly clear that in a sane world, the prosecution doesn’t have a case. The media is even signaling they know this, by asking for lesser charges now to get a conviction.

The media says, “Well, maybe we go to manslaughter, maybe not murder.” They don’t think they’re anywhere near a conviction on murder one here, much less a racial hate crime. If anybody had a crime committed against ’em that got this thing started it was Zimmerman. So you’ve got a six-woman jury. Five of ’em are white, one of them is a “white Hispanic.” She’s the second “white Hispanic” in the country, Zimmerman being the first. Can you imagine the pressures on that jury?

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RUSH: Media Agitating For Race Riots In Regard To Zimmerman Trial

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