Rush on ObamaCare: ‘The Worst Has Yet To Implement’

RUSH: The longer Obama gets to implement what he believes, the harder it’s gonna be to get ahead, the harder it’s gonna be to improve your standard of living!  That’s what’s hard.  I’ll tell you something: You wait until a bunch of people find out.  It’s one thing to be lied to that your doctor and your coverage, that if you like ’em you can keep ’em.

It’s another thing when you’re told that your prescriptions are covered and they’re not.  You wait until a bunch of people, particularly seasoned citizens, find out that the drugs they take that they associate with staying alive… You wait ’til they find out either how expensive they’re gonna be or how unavailable they’re gonna be, and you’re gonna see a total protest over this.  The worst has yet to implement.

There is livid outrage, as there should be.

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