Rush on Obama Debt Ceiling, Shutdown Presser: “This Is A Panic Press Conference”

RUSH: I watched a little bit more of President Obama.  Here’s guy who is trying to make it sound like he’ll negotiate, and yet he’s accusing the Republicans of ransoms and hostage taking and all of this.  But it really is egregious.  He is continuing to tell these whoppers about the debt limit not leading to more debt and about default. 

Let me give you the numbers.  Our average monthly cost to service the national debt is $18 billion.  That’s what we have to come up with every month to pay the interest on the debt, and that is essentially paying our bills.  We take in an average of $225 billion a month.  And by law — it is law, although that matters less and less to this administration — by law, the president must pay interest on the debt before anything else, by law.  We’re not even close to not having the money for it, whether we raise the debt limit or not.  We’re taking in $225 billion.  Thomas Sowell wrote about this recently.  Everybody knows this. 

He’s getting away with entirely totally mischaracterizing this and mischaracterizing the Republicans. I’m gonna tell you, this is a panic press conference.  He is doing this presser because the Democrats are losing in poll after poll on who is the problem when it comes to negotiating.  Listen to a little sound bite.  This is not Obama talking about the debt limit per se, but just listen to the lingo here as he attempts to equate what the Republicans are trying to make him do with the way you live your life

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