Rush On Krauthammer And George Will: Isn’t It Their Job To Know A Socialist When They See One?

RUSH: I’ll tell you what I want to start with today. I was shocked. I was really, really surprised. This explains a lot of my frustration and my curiosity and my wonderment. I didn’t see it, but I had a couple of e-mails from people who told me about it. Fox News ran (on Friday night at ten o’clock) a one-hour special on the life of Dr. Krauthammer, and it’s in conjunction with his new book, which came out last week, which is a good thing for him that it came out last week.

It’s a compilation of his columns. And in the one-hour special, it was revealed — now, get this, folks. When I first heard this, I had to double-check it because I really didn’t believe it. Dr. Krauthammer, in that one-hour special, talks about not getting who and what Obama was early on. He says even after dining with him after the election, he didn’t know. George Will says the same thing. They did not really get that Obama is who he is. This explains so much. You know, I’m sitting here and I’m assuming that all conservatives know a socialist when they see one.


I mean, for crying out loud, it’s all there.  Rules for Radicals, community organizer, all of the audiotape we had of Obama telling the SEIU people that his objective was single payer.  Here he is five days before the election promising to transform the United States of America.  And these guys, they say in that one-hour special, it took them five weeks, which is about stimulus time.  It took them five weeks to understand what Obama is about.  You know, isn’t it their job to know a socialist when they see one?

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