Rush On GOP Immigration Plan: Illegals To Be Granted Legal Status Without Citizenship

RUSH: The Chamber of Commerce (i.e., representing American business interests) wants the workers. “We got to do this immigration thing. Demographics are destiny! We need those workers. We need seasonal workers. We need the workers at the top end. We want those workers.” These are the money people. Chamber of Commerce members are often major donors to the Republican Party. They want immigration reform. They want amnesty.

Now, there’s a problem.

The Republican leadership knows that their base doesn’t want amnesty. So they’re working on some things to get this done that would provide the workers but would not necessarily be amnesty. One of the things that is being talked about at the leadership level in the House is granting legal status to everybody that’s here illegally without citizenship. We’re not gonna make them citizens ,but we’re gonna give them (essentially) green cards. We are going to legalize them for work.

This is the first step, by the way.

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