RUSH: Obama’s Stimulus Has Led To HIGHER Unemployment

RUSH: This is an anniversary. February 17th is an anniversary. You know what it is? This is the fifth anniversary of Obama’s stimulus. Nobody noticed, did they? Nobody’s out celebrating it. Nobody’s reminding you of it. Nobody is calling your attention to it. Nobody is applauding it. Nobody’s doing stories on how much it mattered. We’re not getting any stories from the media about all the great things that happened as a result of the stimulus. We’re getting a big, fat zero, goose egg. Nothing.

The media are not crowing about it much. I do have an article here from the Wall Street Journal pointing out what you and I all know, that the stimulus did not help lower the unemployment rate as was promised. The only reason the jobless rate’s gone down at all is due to more people leaving the workforce. We’re not creating any jobs. It points out that only 10% of the Obama stimulus went to infrastructure. You know, the building of roads, the repairing of schools, the building of bridges.

All of those wonderful things that were highlighted with the stimulus was what we we’re gonna use this almost $1 trillion for. There is nothing to show for it but added debt. In fact, you could make the case that the stimulus has retarded economic growth and recovery, held it back. You could make the case that the stimulus has led to higher unemployment — and you know why, folks? Because it wasn’t a stimulus.

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