RUSH: Obama’s CVE Program Is Tantamount To Making Sure Acts Of Terror DO Happen

RUSH:  You know, but people think it’s the opposite.  People think the FBI — and, look, it’s not a specific thing.  People have… There used to be a justifiable trust in the FBI. The United States government has endless resources. The FBI is on the case. People used to rely on the fact that the FBI was on the job. Not that they ever made mistakes, but that they were there, that somebody knew what was going on — even if they never announced it — that we were safe because the FBI.  This is the former head of the New York office of the FBI admitting they can’t do anything.

Now, to me, folks, we report this as, “Okay, here’s the news today, folks. What do you think of this?”  This is big.  This whole CVE thing is huge.  It is almost tantamount to securing defeat.  It’s almost tantamount to making sure is that these acts of terror do happen.  And then when they do, what do we hear?  “It’s the fault of the NRA! There are too many guns out there because of the Republican Party.” We’ve got a bunch of Nimrod low-information people start shouting: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! You people, you’re just stupid.  It’s all over social media.

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