RUSH: Obama’s Code Pink Heckler Was Staged

RUSH: I had an observation, and I wish I woulda had it while the program was on, and that is, “No wonder the speech was going so long. He’s trying to change the subject.” And that’s exactly what that speech yesterday was, a change of subject, trying to get everybody off the IRS and the Benghazi scandals. And then this Code Pink babe, Medea Benjamin shows up, she was the protester. Nobody will convince me that that wasn’t set up.

Here comes this woman protesting while she’s getting exactly what she wants. The woman wants Club Gitmo shut down, which means we’re gonna have to come up with a replacement in our thriving merchandise business for Club Gitmo stuff. They’re gonna become collector’s item stuff if they actually do shut it down, which remains to be seen. But she was getting everything she wanted. Her dreams were coming true, and yet there she is protesting, and there’s Obama stopping and listening to her and telling everybody while he didn’t agree with a thing that she had to say, we ought to listen to her. We ought to listen to what that woman is saying, “even though I don’t agree with the things she’s saying,” which is not true.

The president agrees with pretty much everything she was saying. This is the first time that Code Pink has not been thrown out of wherever they were protesting. That woman went on and on and on and on and on. So the whole thing was staged.

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