RUSH: Obama’s ‘Campaign Mode’ Is ‘Getting Old’

RUSH: Now, this Ron Fournier business. I don’t want to be misunderstand, folks. I’m the one who constantly tells you not to rely on the media to feel good. I’m the one that constantly tells you the media’s never gonna see it our way, they’re never gonna be on our side, and I’m not saying that that’s happening here. I don’t want to be misunderstood. I don’t think, for example, that Ron Fournier tweets or AP stories are gonna result in Obama approval numbers plunging into the twenties.

What it means is the act is getting old, that Obama’s modus operandi is getting old. They’re bored by it, kind of like people are bored waiting and reading about A-Rod and whatever this mess is and however that’s gonna shake out, or whatever else you’re bored with. Obama has been making the same speech on the economy. It’s the ninetieth or twentieth time he’s made this speech. The media is counting now. So the act is getting old.

This campaign mode of “fighting for the people” as though you’re not running the country for four years? This effort that Obama’s making to make himself look like he’s an outsider with no power trying to fix things and get elected finally to do something? It’s getting old. The media is losing interest in supporting it and promulgating it. The campaign mode of fighting for the people has been exposed, this Limbaugh Theorem. So all that means is that we have an opportunity here.

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