RUSH: ObamaCare Rep Gets Mad At CNN For Telling Truth Like Fox News

RUSH: …we now head back to Anderson Cooper, who has a guest named Cornell Belcher.  He’s a Democrat pollster, and Anderson Cooper wants to know what he thinks about all this.  He says, “This is the regime’s signature piece of legislation, Cornell.  They had three years to set it up.  I know that you’re obviously an Obama supporter.  You worked as a pollster in the campaign.  You gotta admit, this is a huge misstep on their part, right?”

CORNELL:  I’m a little disturbed by that story.  I think that story we just ran was a story more deserving of Fox than CNN, where you’re cherry-picking cases where it doesn’t work.  You have CNN saying, who is supposed to be sort of the in the middle guy saying these are people who won’t be able to afford it. You know, we got Republicans on the other side sort of making that case.  I don’t like CNN making that case on — you know, making that case for the Republicans.  That’s my push-back.

RUSH:  Yeah, my push-back is what the hell you guys doing to us?  You’re CNN.  You’re on our side.  This kind of crap ought to have been on Fox.  What hell are you doing?  You’re not supposed to be giving the game like this.  That’s my push-back.  You’re making the case for the Republicans.  Who the hell are you?  He doesn’t once address the substance of the report other than to say, “Yeah, I’m a little disturbed by that story.”  But he’s only disturbed because it ran on CNN.  If it had run on Fox, they could discount it because Fox is partisan.  They could discount it ’cause Fox hates Obama.  They could discount it ’cause Fox lies and makes things up or what have you. 

So Cornell Belcher, what are you saying, Fox is more deserving of truth?  CNN is where propaganda originates?  You don’t like Fox because they do the truth?  These people are real people. Here are real people supposedly right in the demo that vote Obama.  These are the little guys the Democrat Party is supposedly looking out for, and they’re getting savaged.  They are being ripped to shreds and the Obamacare rep gets mad at CNN for pointing it out.  This is what I mean, I’m telling you, throughout the Drive-By Media, they’re worried about this.

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