RUSH: ObamaCare Is Going To Increase The Divorce Rate

RUSH: Here’s Jim in Jacksonville, Florida, as we head back to the phones.  Great to have you with us.  Hello.

CALLER:  Greetings, Rush.  My concern is about unintended social consequences of the Obama No Care Act. (sic) Think about it.  There’s supplements for having a lower income.  Will people be prevented from getting married just like they do with welfare? Will there be an incentive not to be married or to get divorced?  You’ll get incentives on the Obamacare side.

RUSH:  You know, you are very shrewd, Jim, because there is a story we had, it might have been late last week, that people are divorcing in order to afford Obamacare.  It is busting up families.  Obamacare is going to increase the divorce rate.

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