RUSH: ObamaCare About Building Permanent, Undefeatable, Always-Funded Democrat Majority

RUSH: I hate to do this to you, but the Investor’s Business Daily had an editorial yesterday, and they have discovered the purpose of Obamacare. It has nothing to do with health care. The purpose of Obamacare got nothing to do with your health, and nothing to do with your insurance.

It’s about building a permanent, undefeatable, always-funded Democrat majority. One example: The exchanges. We’re being told that the government’s running way behind on setting up the exchanges, and we’re being told it’s because the bill so complicated, big, unmanageable. Nobody could possibly get this done on time. IBD has tracked how these exchanges are being set up, and basically the health care exchanges in these states are going to be Democrat political action committees, funded with your tax dollars.

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