RUSH: Obama Will Never Put ‘Boots On The Ground’ In Iraq

RUSH:  No disrespect meant to Tom in Oklahoma City who just called and predicted that he disagrees with the Washington Post.  The Washington Post has an editorial claiming that Obama’s Iraq strategy is incoherent, it’s slapstick, and it has expectations foundation.  He disagreed.  He thinks that Obama’s biding time, trying to keep ISIS in check until after the midterms.

He says Obama’s base and the people the Democrats need to turn out in November will not do that if there is a full-fledged Iraq operation now.  That may be true.  But then he said what’s gonna happen half the midterms, then Obama’s gonna go in there and commit boots on the ground and wipe ISIS out.  That’s where I just don’t see it.  I must respectfully disagree.

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