RUSH: Obama Will Be A Bigger Hero In His Post-Presidency Than He Was In Office

RUSH: No. He is going to stay in Washington to make sure that what you just suggested doesn’t happen. He’s gonna stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound. Let me give you an example. The next Republican president — take your pick. I don’t know. Pick somebody. If the next Republican president says that we are going to start dismantling certain aspects of Obama, like you just said?

Obama is gonna call the media and he’s gonna go on TV as though he’s still president — and the media will treat him that way, by the way — and he will launch into this Republican president trying to harm people, hurt the American people, trying to unwind the great things Obama did. He’s going to stay there to make sure that whatever he’s done to remake this country is not changed, is not unwound.

He’s going to stay there, and the media is gonna cover him. I guarantee you, folks, even after he’s out of office, he is going to be treated by the media as though he’s still president — and this may be the case even with a Democrat president. Whatever the next president does, the media is gonna go to Obama every day. Look, folks, Barack Obama has already, along with Bill Clinton, blown up a number of time-honored traditions involving the presidency.


RUSH: The Republican president, whoever he is, if there is one, his election will be said illegitimate, just like Bush was in 2000. They’ll do everything they can to delegitimize the next president. And they’ll lie, and the lies will be promoted, amplified by the media, and I’m telling you, the media is just gonna eat it up. In fact, they’re gonna love Obama even more because this is gonna be an undisguised frontal assault on the Republicans, which is what the media and the left is most pleased by. We are their biggest enemy. They literally despise us. Anything that thwarts us and our ideas they celebrate. Obama will be a bigger hero in his post-presidency than he was in office, if what I expect to happen happens.

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