RUSH: Obama Was Elected On A Fraudulent Series Of Promises

RUSH: If I might say so myself, I think that’s pretty profound. This is October 11th, so it’s three weeks ago, and I just simply questioned this. Okay, the Republicans — it was the Republicans, it was the RINOs, it was the some conservative media types — were saying, “Ted Cruz, what a mean guy! Why, he’s actually telling these Tea Party people that what they can do matters, ’cause they might defund or delay Obamacare, and they can’t.

“They don’t have the votes.” What about Obama…? Why doesn’t our side ever apply the same standard to Barack Obama? You want to talk about “misleading”? How about lying? You want to talk about disappointing and using people and setting them up? How about Barack Obama who, it could be argued, was elected on a fraudulent series of promises? “You get to keep your doctor if you like it. You get to keep your plan if you like it.”

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