RUSH: Obama Voters Will Never Admit They Made A Tragic Mistake

RUSH:  Irene in Sonora, California, welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  Listen to you for almost 27 years now.

RUSH:  Well, appreciate that.  Thank you.

CALLER:  My thoughts are these with Obama.  He made a speech last week regarding hating.  Well, I think we need to turn that around on him.  This man is so full of hate for the founding, for the Constitution, for the people, for the country. There’s nothing about this country that he loves.  It’s all hate.  He’s doing what he’s doing from hate. 

RUSH:  That’s a pretty strong —

CALLER:  He’s hurting our borders. He’s bringing Ebola in.  Contrast that with Netanyahu, what this wonderful man is doing for his country to protect his country from people who want to destroy his country, his people.  He loves his country and his people.  Obama does not.  He has no love.  And it’s evident in what he is doing.  And it finally came to me this weekend, I’ve been — my husband will tell you — I have been so upset about this Ebola. 

Why would anybody in their right mind, would they allow or sign executive orders to bring two people to this country with a deadly, deadly virus, and it’s a horrible way to die.  I have too much information.  I wish I didn’t do what I did this weekend.  I’m overloaded right now.  And it came to me, I could be wrong, I don’t know.  Hate.  He hates us so much he wants to see us destroyed.  And he’s so clouded with his hate —


RUSH:  Well, I appreciate your call.  I sympathize totally.  I – know exactly what you’ve been going through, trying to explain all this.  And you’ve been trying to do it in a way that makes common sense, and you can’t.  What you’re actually doing is helping illuminate the problem, and one of the problems is that most people are not gonna be able to come to the conclusion you’ve come to.  A lot probably have gotten close.  But the low-information crowd will never get there.  They can’t conceive. 

Many Obama voters will never, ever admit they made such a tragic, egregious mistake.  No, no, it can’t be that.  And if they have any problem with what’s going on, they’ll chalk it up to incompetence, maybe trying to do too much, too soon, or blame it on the Republicans for not helping and forcing Obama.  You’d be stunned at some of the idiotic justifications that you’ll get for this.

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