RUSH: Obama To Whine About Inequality At ‘State Of The Coup’ Address

RUSH: We also have the State of the Union. I’m gonna call it the State of the Coup.  I think that is what we need to call this.  It’s not the State of the Union.  It’s the State of the Coup.  That’s between you and me, folks, shh, don’t tell the media.  That is a tweak.  Let me tell you what’s gonna happen.  I just called it the State of the Coup.  Now, the media’s not listening here, they never do.  They will hear that I said this on another website, take your pick, Daily Kos, Media Matters, they will be outraged, and then later this afternoon or sometime tomorrow, they will say how reprehensible, how horrible. Who does this guy think he is? This is not a banana republic. This is offensive. The president is right to be concerned, got this guy on the radio calling it the State of the Coup. 

And when that happens, you will know that you are in on the joke.  Just between us.  Because as I say, the media is not listening now.  They never do.  They will not go to my website to find out about this.  They will hear about it Third Way and be appropriately outraged.  So we’ll stick with it all day, just for the fun of it, call it the State of the Coup.  Plus it has the added benefit of it kind of works, doesn’t it?  And do you know what the theme of the State of the Coup is?  Inequality.  The president is going to complain and whine and moan about inequality.

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Limbaugh Tweaks Media With ‘State Of The Coup’ Address

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