RUSH: Obama Tells Young African Leaders “First Thing You Should Do Is Not Listen To The US”

RUSH: By the way, grab sound bite 24.  Obama today in Washington, the inaugural summit of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.  During the Q&A of the inaugural summit of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, someone in the audience said, “If somehow Africa unified into a United States of Africa, when you spoke with their new leader, what would be the first two things you’d want to discuss?”  So if there became a US of Africa and Obama had a chance to talk to the president of this hypothetical United States of Africa, the question is, audience member wants to know, what would you tell this new president?  Get this.

OBAMA:  The thing that I would emphasized first and foremost is the issue of governance.  Now, sometimes this is an issue that raises some sensitivities, because I think people feel like, who’s the United States to tell us how to govern.  We have different systems. We have different traditions. What may work for the United States may not work for us.  Oh, and, by the way, the United States, we don’t see that Congress is always, you know, cooperating so well and your system is not perfect, and I understand all that.  So let’s acknowledge all that.

RUSH:  Okay.  So he’s telling the inaugural summit of Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders that, “You know, a lot of people, and they’re right, by the way, a lot of people think, who’s the US to tell us how to govern?  Hell, they can’t even get along with their own Congress.”  He’s trying to tell these people that the first thing you should do is not listen to the United States.  This is exactly who he is.  But the thing is, we don’t tell people how to govern.  We stand for the freedom and liberty and liberation of the oppressed all over the world.  If we impose anything, which we don’t, it’s freedom.  They don’t get it. 

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