RUSH: Obama Admitting To People In The Know – His Economy Sucks

RUSH: Obama met secretly with a bunch of left-wing radical pundits and bloggers last week to ask them how to change the subject from the failure of Obamacare.  This is what they came up with, I guarantee you.  In fact, one of the women leading this march on the fast-food joints attended a strategy session in the White House with Obama about this. 

They did what the left always does when they are in trouble, when the bottom is falling out, when the audience is on the verge of discovering the truth of the villain. The villain always goes back to class warfare, which makes them the hero and turns the Republicans and the conservatives into the villains again — and, I’m sorry, I’m worn out.  After 25 years, I’m not playing the game, ’cause it assumes that you are an idiot. 

The game assumes that you’re nothing more than a lapdog.  The game assumes that you’re nothing more than some slavish prisoner to the daily media narrative — and I know, because you listen to this program, that you aren’t.  I mean, look, folks, do you think Barack Obama would rather play Santa Claus with the minimum wage or talk about a hundred million Americans set to lose their health care?

What would he rather do? 

He’s gonna play Santa Claus with the minimum wage.  He’s got no successes to brag about.  He cannot talk about a robust job market.  In fact, the very fact he’s talking about the minimum wage is evidence there is no robust job market.  The fact that Obama talks about a minimum wage is evidence that his economy is the tank, is in the toilet, is in the septic tank.  You can’t have a robust economy and all of a sudden start whining and moaning about income inequality and the minimum wage. 

So he’s tantamount admitting to people in the know — and you are among those people in the know — his economy sucks.  You can’t talk about the slick rollout of  He can’t talk about how you’re saving $2500 on your insurance premium.  He can’t talk about how you are able to keep your insurance.  He can’t talk about how you’re now able to keep your doctor.  All he can do is pivot back and start promising utopia again if only the Republicans would get out of the way.

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