Rush: Obama Spinning Worst Economic Recovery In Modern History

RUSH: I played some sound bites from the president an hour ago. He went to the microphones in the White House an hour ago, right at the beginning of this program, and I have to tell you, what we saw today, in Obama’s media appearance and his statement, is a cold-hearted man. I mean this, cold-hearted. We saw a president who is spinning the worst economic recovery numbers in modern history. We didn’t see any compassion. We didn’t see any concern. We didn’t see any caring. We saw a cold, calculating president spinning what is disastrous news into a way that he can benefit from.


RUSH: He’s spinning this and spinning these numbers in such a way as to lie to the American people about how good things are and how they are improving.  And if your life isn’t improving and it isn’t getting better and you listen to this guy spin that it is, you gotta be scratching your head, saying, “What am I missing?  Why am I being left out?”  Let me assure you, you aren’t being left out.  Let me tell you why he’s doing that.  I’ll beat my head against the wall again.  We’re dealing with a man, Barack Obama, who is a revolutionary.

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