RUSH: Obama Should Kick Russia Out Of The IMF And The G8 To Punish Putin

RUSH: There is something that Obama and the European Union could do.  It’s a very easy way to punish Putin in a way that would really matter.  They could kick him out of the IMF and the G8, which would mean it would cost Russia more to do business with the rest of the world.  They could do that.

He’s not gonna do that.  The fact that he’s sanctioning all these individuals, they don’t care, folks.  They think they have to make it look like they care, ’cause they know you.  He doesn’t care.  Reducing America’s standing in the world was the objective.  It’s the original Limbaugh Theorem.  If Obama wants this nation taught a lesson, this nation’s gotta be brought down to size.  It’s not just gonna happen domestically, economically.  It’s gonna happen internationally as well. 

Remember, Obama, he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, and he doesn’t believe in any of the things about the United States being policeman of the world or being the outpost of liberty or freedom in the world.  He’s never, never believed that.  He doesn’t think we’ve ever been a legitimate superpower.  He’s been of the belief that that’s been illegitimate and not warranted. 

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