RUSH: Obama Saying He’s Willing To Negotiate Is A ‘TOTAL CROCK!’

RUSH: Here’s Obama. He thanked FEMA staffers who are working through the government shutdown and he spoke about it, and here’s Obama himself saying that he never said he wouldn’t negotiate.

OBAMA: I heard a lot of talk over the weekend that, uh, the real problem is that, uh, the president will not negotiate. Well, let me tell you something. Uh, I have said from the start of the year that I’m happy to talk to Republicans about anything related to the budget.

RUSH: That’s a crock!

OBAMA: There’s not a subject that I am not willing to engage in —

RUSH: This is a total crock.

OBAMA: — work on, negotiate and, come up with common sense compromises on.

RUSH: A total crock!

OBAMA: What I’ve said is that I cannot do that under the threat that if Republicans don’t get 100% of their way, they are going to either shut down the government or they are going to default on America’s debt so that America — for the first time in history — does not pay its bills. That is not something I will do.

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