Rush: Obama Said “Sometimes I Forget” the “Magnitude” of the Recession.” Is it Cool To Be Out Of Touch?

Rush: You got Obama in Clooney’s house, the tickets have been sold, but they want us to believe that there’s all this newfound enthusiasm in Hollywood where he was lagging behind a little bit. There was some distrust, some disappointment, some people simply didn’t have that confidence. But then Obama came out and he said, “I think the states ought to determine whether or not gay people get married.” For some reason that got another five million. While he was there, if this isn’t in every Romney ad from now ’til November, somebody needs to be fired. Obama said, quote, “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. Is it cool to be out of touch? That’s what he said.
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