RUSH: Obama Promising “If You Like Being A Prostitute, Then Have At It”

RUSH:  Now, here’s the thing, folks.  These Millennials are being lied to.  They are being told lies. I mean, it’s in the ad. The implication is that this is free.  I mean, that’s what that that whole fake congressional hearing press conference was all about.  It’s creating the idea that all your birth control, all your contraception is free.  The fuddy-duddies are gonna be paying for that. You Millennials who fall for this, you have no idea what’s headed your way.

Wait until you find out how much your free birth control pills are gonna cost you, when your rates triple and your deductibles go through the roof.  What the regime is doing here, basically — what these ads are really promising — is, “If you like your risky, promiscuous lifestyle, you can keep it.”  That’s what Obama’s promising.  If you like being promiscuous, you can keep on being promiscuous.  If you like being a prostitute, then have at it.  You like your risky, promiscuous lifestyle, you can keep it.  That’s what Obama is promising in these ads.

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