RUSH: Obama Photo With CHE Was PLANNED

RUSH: Have you seen the picture of Obama posing with a bunch of Cubans in front of a gray, drab building with a caricature of Che Guevara on it?  You think that’s an accident?  You think that just happened?  Oh, look at what happened to Obama, wait ’til he sees that, do you know how mad he’s gonna be?

Wait ’til Obama sees it?  That was planned!  Che Guevara is a hero to people on the left.  He was a mass murdering communist thug.  But because he looked like a real cool guy, Che Guevara looked back in the fifties and sixties like cool guys today look, that’s why Che Guevara is a hero. There are Che Guevara T-shirts and the dolts running around wearing them have no idea.  And they’re probably part of that bunch that thinks communism is about individual liberty and freedom and making everybody upwardly mobile and equal.  I still can’t believe that.

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