RUSH: Obama Not Going To Ferguson Because There’s Nothing He Can Do

RUSH: In Ferguson, Missouri, the attorney general’s touched down, ladies and gentlemen, and the news networks were on scene at the St. Louis airport to show Eric Holder arriving, touching down at the airport in a giant United States government Boeing 757.  I’m wondering, did the waters of the Mississippi River part as Holder flew over the Mississippi en route to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport?  Have the lions laid down with the lambs?  Are the Crips making peace with the Bloods?  Is it all better now because Eric Holder has touched down?

The attorney general, the top cop on the ground in St. Louis, and this has begot a debate in the media and at the White House on should or should not President Obama go?  And Politico has a long story explaining why Obama can’t go, and the main thrust of it is, there’s nothing he can do.  Now, stop and think about that for a minute.  The first, the historical first African-American president cannot go to an area of racial strife because he couldn’t do anything.  It would cause more problems than it would solve.  It’s a fascinating piece, and I, of course, El Rushbo will eagerly share this story with you as the program unfolds.

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RUSH: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Can’t Go To Ferguson

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