RUSH: Obama Not Getting Enough Blame For The State Of The Economy


RUSH: It’s not just about Obama personally but people’s opinions about the future of the country. Everything’s tanking — Obamacare, you name it — except in states where there’s economic activity from either the oil industry fracking or Scott Walker. Conservative governors are overriding what’s happening nationally. There are pockets-of-exceptions to this. “President Obama will pronounce on the state of the [Coup] for the fifth time on Tuesday, and never during his time in office has the state of the economy been better…”

Even that, folks. “[N]ever during his time in office has the state of the economy been better — yet rarely has he gotten such low marks from the public for his handling of it.” This is hilarious. Never mind this is still the worst economic recovery in the history of this nation, and the reality is… I’m gonna tell you what the reality is.

The reality is he’s not getting enough blame for this, and they’re sitting around here trying to figure out why he’s not getting credit for a phantom recovery? Let me explain it to you one more time. (You understand it. I’m talking about I’m gonna explain it here to the Drive-Bys.) The president has had an active behavior, philosophy since he assumed office, and that is to appear to be not in charge, to appear to be not really governing, to appear to be not responsible for what’s happening, to appear to be not accountable.

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