RUSH: Obama ‘More Than Being IRKED’ By Trump’s First Month Job Numbers

RUSH: Well, apparently, CNN found out that Obama’s ticked off that Trump’s accusing him of wiretapping him. Obama is “irked.” Obama is “exasperated.” So CNN breathlessly is reporting this, and we have this montage that was put together really just moments ago…

JIM ACOSTA: Sources close to Former President Obama say he was irked and exasperated by his successor’s accusation.

KATE BOLDUAN: Sources close to Former President Obama tell CNN he was irked and exasperated.

JEFF ZELENY: President Obama was irked and exasperated.

MATT BENNETT: Obama, for him to leak that he’s irked and exasperated, that’s about as hot as Barack Obama runs.

RUSH: It is? “Irked and exasperated” is about as hot…? Can you imagine what’s really going on at the Obama resistance headquarters today, which is his house? You see the job numbers in Trump’s first month are through the roof? Can you imagine the conversations that he and Valerie Jarrett are having about how to undermine that and undermine some of this other stuff? I would love to be in on those. I betcha there’s more than being irked and exasperated going on.


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